Notes To Our Community 2016 - 2017
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Dear NLCP Parents:

NLCP’s mission is to prepare students to go TO and THROUGH college.

Here are some of the benefits of earning a college degree that you might not have heard before. 

Those who earn a college degree;

Will be more likely to vote.

Will be more likely to volunteer.

Will be more likely to give blood.

Will be more likely to have health insurance.

Will be healthier and will live longer.

Will be more likely to be employed.

Will earn, on average, $1,000,000 more than someone with just a high school degree.

And will be more likely to have children that will attend and graduate college.

We live on the boundary of doubt and belief.  Raising an adolescent is hard.  Poverty imposes terrible burdens.  We sometimes doubt whether we can provide our young people with the education they deserve.  We lose our belief in the “more likely .”

But then you come along.  You send us your sons and daughters and you want us to teach them to be up-standers, to make deadlines, to be full grown, to make connections, to be learned, daring and confident, to go places that no one has gone before.  You ask us to love them.  You ask us to help heal them. You ask us to empower them.  You expect us to make them “more likely...,”

It is an honor to do this great work for your children.  Thank you for your belief in NLCP.

John Horan