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Morehouse Fast Facts

Guided by a commitment to excellence, Morehouse, a historically black liberal arts college for men, takes on the special responsibility for developing men into service-oriented leaders with disciplined, continously learning minds emphasizing the nerverending search for liberating truth. The college bestows broad liberal arts knowledge and teaches its students about the history, culture, and achievements of black people. Morehouse prepares its students for pursuit of graduate study and professional careers through instructional programs and extracurricular activities that: Develop oral and written communication ability as well as analytical and critical thinking skill; Foster an appreciation of the elements and evolution of various cultures and the nature of the physical universe; Impart specific field of study knowledge and skills; and Cultivate the personal attributes of self-confidence, interpersonal skill, tolerance, morality, integrity, accountability, ethical behavior, humility, global perspective, and a commitment to a social justice.

Students interested in attending Morehouse must be diligent in searching out scholarships and financial aid as they are not typically able to meet financial need.

Basic Facts

Location:  Atlanta, GA 

Number of Undergraduates:  2400

Overall 4 year graduation rate:  39%

Overall 5 year graduation rate: 55%

North Lawndale Alumni graduates: 0

North Lawndale Alumni persistence rate (returning to school beyond 4 semesters): N/A

Average % of financial need met:  59%

Estimated cost of attendance: $47,166

Average indebtedness at graduation:  $36,000

Admission Contact: John Alston   404.653.7761

Alumni Network Contact:  Brandon Thorpe

Current Alumni who attend Morehouse:  Brandon Thorpe ’11, Anthony Culp ’11

  • Brandon Thorpe ’11

Alumni Profile:  Anthony Culp ’11

University Majors/Programs of Study

Undergraduate Application for Admission

Academic Support/Admissions Programs:

  • Trio Program  The TRIO Programs at Morehouse College are recognized as a superior system that prepares students for:
    • successful completion of secondary education;
    • admission into a post-secondary institution;
    • retention and completion of post-secondary education;
    • and preparation for successful matriculation to a post-baccalaureate program.


Alumni notes (draft copy)

A. Culp–“I used my senior project outline for six of my college papers in first semester for 6 papers and earned and A or B on all but one.”

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