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Kalamazoo College Fast Facts

Kalamazoo College is a private, highly selective liberal arts college with 1,403 students located in Kalamazoo, MI. While focusing on a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, the college also offers extensive experiential opportunities, including 3-9 months of international study (85% participation rate), career internships (50% participation rate), service-learning (75% participation rate)and undergraduate research (100% complete a Senior Individualized Project). Kalamazoo College also ranks 19th in the nation for graduates who go on to earn doctorate degrees. Kalamazoo College is also home to the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. The mission of the Arcus Center is to support the pursuit of human rights and social justice by nurturing emerging leaders and sustaining existing leaders in the theory and practice of transformative leadership for positive social change, and to create a pivotal role for liberal arts education in engendering a more just world.

Note:  Kalamazoo has a diversity visit day.  Application may be found here

Basic Facts

Location:  Kalamazoo, MI

Number of Undergraduates:  1403

Percentage of Black students: 2%

Percentage of Latino students: 9%

Overall 4 year graduation rate:  77.4%

Overall 5 year graduation rate: 80.3%

4 year Black male graduation rate:  100%

4 year Black female graduation rate:  55.6%

4 year Latina graduation rate:  60%

4 year Latino graduation rate:  60%

North Lawndale Alumni graduates: 0

North Lawndale Alumni persistence rate (returning to school beyond 4 semesters):  n/a

Average % of financial need met:  87%

Estimated cost of attendance:  $48,357

Average indebtedness at graduation:  $24,586

Admission Contact:  Hillary Teague   269-337-7166   hillary.teague@kzoo.edu

Alumni Network Contact:

Current Alumni who attend Kalamazoo:  none

University Majors/Programs of Study

Undergraduate Application for Admission

Social Justice Leadership Program

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