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Oglethorpe Fast Facts

School mission (as provided by the school):

Oglethorpe University promises a classic education in a contemporary city. Oglethorpe students learn to make a life, make a living and make a difference. Our graduates become community leaders who are distinctive in their ability to think, communicate and contribute.

Counselor’s Notes:

On a short walk across this campus, I can see why it was ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the top campuses for diversity.  Less than half of the students on campus identify as white, they make it affordable so that the students represent a level of economic diversity and the community effectively supports LGBT students as well.

Apply early, because you could be in the running for a full tuition scholarship.  Early Action applicants are invited to Scholarship weekend in January

  • Students who wish to be in the running should have a minimum 3.0 GPA and then show commitment through the respective activities:
    • 5 academic full-tuition scholarships are offered (must keep a 3.0 GPA)  and winners are guaranteed semester a semester at Oxford (England)
    • 3 civic scholarships (must keep a 3.0 and volunteer 60 hours a year)  for students with a commitment to their communities.They also are awarded a non-profit internship.
    • 2 theater scholarships are awarded as well. (3.0 gpa and you get a theater internship)

    The tour guide said that there was an Airtran hookup where classes will fly places like New York for day trips.

  • The university send s 7 students to Oxford per semester
  • Each year you will take classes in the core curriculum where students take one class a semester that covers the classics in the humanities.
  • You may want to look at the urban ecology program (one of 4 in country)
  • Accounting program is very strong (another strange one for lib arts) and students take CPA right after school
  • Academic success center—addresses need
  • Oglethorpe students may register for classes at  other Atlanta colleges

Basic Facts

Location:  Atlanta, GA

Number of Undergraduates:  1,150

Percentage of Black students: 22%

Percentage of Latino students: 5%

Overall 4 year graduation rate:  43%

Overall 5 year graduation rate: 58%

4 year Black female graduation rate:  36%

4 year Black male graduation rate:  20%

4 year Latino graduation rate: 50%

4 year Latina graduation rate: 25%

North Lawndale Alumni graduates: 0

North Lawndale Alumni persistence rate (returning to school beyond 4 semesters): n/a

Average % of financial need met:  75%

Estimated cost of attendance:  $44,840

Average indebtedness at graduation:  $20,867

Admission Contact: David Dixon

Alumni Network Contact:

Current Alumni who attend Oglethorpe:

University Majors/Programs of Study

Undergraduate Application for Admission

Academic Support/Admissions Programs:

Academic Success Center provides a broad range of supports from academic advising to writing instruction.

 Disability Supports

Alumni notes


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