Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University Fast Facts

Northern Illinois University (NIU) is located about 65 miles west of Chicago in the city of DeKalb.  Undergraduates can choose from about 60 academic majors and participate in the Research Rookies program, which gives freshmen and sophomores a chance to conduct research in their field of study under faculty guidance. Many students at Northern Illinois University choose to study abroad, and the school offers programs for academic credit in about 75 countries.

Northern Illinois has some of the state’s strongest programs in Nursing, Accounting and Education.

On campus, Northern Illinois students can join more than 200 clubs and nearly 40 Greek-letter organizations. The university is also home to numerous varsity athletic teams, which compete in the NCAA Division I Mid-American Conference. The NIU Huskies teams weren’t always named as such, having been called the Teachers and Profs in the school’s early days as a teacher’s college, as well as the Cardinals and Northerners. Notable NIU alumni include Dan Castellaneta, who voices Homer Simpson and several other characters on the animated television show The Simpsons.

The Chance Program (see below) is a support program for students who may not fit the traditional academic profile of a NIU student.  Once a student has applied for NIU, he/she is referred to the Chance program where they must send in a personal statement and two letters of recommendation.  Then, students must interview and take a math placement test.

Location:  DeKalb, IL

Number of Undergraduates:  17,900

Percentage of Black students:  26%

Percentage of Latino students:  16%

Overall 4 year graduation rate:  23%

Overall 5 year graduation rate: 42.5%

Overall 4 year minority graduation rate:  10.5%

Overall 5 year minority graduation rate:  26.5%

Number of North Lawndale Alumni graduates:

North Lawndale Alumni persistence rate (Those returning to school):

Average % of financial need met:  66%

Estimated cost of attendance:  $26,628

Average indebtedness at graduation:  $27,101

Admission Contact:

Application for Admission

Alumni Network Contact:

Academic Support Programs:

  • CHANCE Program‘s goal is to identify, recruit, admit, and assist otherwise capable students from under-resourced areas.  They provide academic support, monitoring and guidance as well as financial aid supports.
  • Center for Access-Ability Resources The mission of the Center for Access-Ability Resources is to create an accessible, inclusive, sustainable learning environment, where disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and to society.

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