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At Howard University, a historically black college in the heart of Washington, D.C., all students complete a university-wide core curriculum. Required courses include English composition and an Afro-American studies course, at the least. Students then have more than 80 majors to choose from, including Afro-American Studies, Greek, and Music Therapy. Outside of class, Howard students may choose to get involved in one of the school’s many fraternities and sororities, academic and professional organizations, or social clubs, among other student groups. The university has its own stop on the city’s public transportation system, the Metro, and students are also permitted to bring cars to school. (Freshmen, however, are not eligible for campus parking.) The school offers a range of male, female, and coed housing, both on and off campus, though no student is required to apply for university housing.

Howard University has many graduate programs as well, including a School of Business, a School of Law, a College of Medicine, and a College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences. Notable alumni of Howard University include former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, and Emmy Award-winning actress Phylicia Rashad.

Counselor’s Notes:

Howard was on our 2013 Intersession College Tour.

Students interested in Howard should note their Freshman Scholarships which have GPA and ACT requirements, as they will make Howard an affordable choice.  Students should take special note of their ACT scores.

Basic Facts

Location:  Washington, DC


Percentage of students who self-identify as Black: 46%

Percentage of students who self-identify as Other:  53%

Number of Undergraduates:  7,200

Overall 4 year graduation rate:  47%

Overall 5 year graduation rate: 65%

4 year Black female graduation rate: 54%

4 year Black male graduation rate:  30%

4 year Latino graduation rate: N/A

4 year Latina graduation rate: 56%

North Lawndale Alumni graduates: 0

North Lawndale Alumni persistence rate (returning to school beyond 4 semesters): N/A

Average % of financial need met:  N/A

Estimated cost of attendance: $38,437

Average indebtedness at graduation:  N/A

Admission Contact:  Patrick Scott

Alumni Network Contact:

Fields of Study

Undergraduate Application for Admission

Academic Support/Admissions Programs:

The Center for Academic Reinforcement  (CAR) has been Howard University’s timely devised strategy for identifying and rectifying academic difficulties experienced by undergraduate and graduate students who enter the institution. The purpose of CAR is to raise the level of preparation, commitment to learning, and mastery of skills necessary for students to attain academic excellence.

Alumni notes

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